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As a busy entrepreneur, traveling between Rwanda and the US and trying to launch a business, having the time to recruit and screen candidates is a major challenge. The benefit of working with FMS is having the program to vet top candidates for you.

- Ayla Schlosser, Founding Director of Resonate.

We select and train new talent for purpose-fueled ventures and impact-focused funds. 

The goal of the field experience fellowship is to match new talent with existing social enterprises or impact investing funds—both nascent and well established—to help scale projects for our partners and to offer a meaningful career defining experience for our fellows.

We help our partners scale for good. 

After successful completion of the certificate training, our fellows embark on a 2-12 month fellowship with social enterprises or impact investing funds in the US and abroad to discover innovations, improve business processes, help attract investments, and promote sustainable businesses models.

Tell us what and who you are looking for, we can help! 

Contact our placement team via phone (831) 647-6417, or email