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IPSS Pre-Registration

We recommend previewing this form prior to entering your information. 

If you have any questions or comments about this program in general or this registration form, please contact cmeyer@miis.edu or ipss@miis.edu.

Pre-Registration Form Components

  • Organizations of Interest: The names of three organizations and departments where you might want to work on IPSS. Your position does not need to be confirmed. Please provide as much information as you have. 
  • Sectors of Interest
  • Location Preferences
  • Resume or CV
Section 1: Current Contact Information
Section 2: Academic Information
Scholarship Considerations (Fulbright, etc.)
This would only apply to applicants participating in external scholarship programs, such as Fulbright, Bolashak, etc. who would like to complete IPSS during their fourth semester.
Section 3: IPSS Program
Policy issue(s) you would like to work on during IPSS
Section 4: Organization Selection
Please provide the following information for the top three organizations where you would like to serve during IPSS (see IPSS Participating Organization list). Note that students do not have to have a decision on which organization they will be working for during the application process. You only need to provide detailed contact information for an organization if the specific organization and department/division is not listed on our participating organization list. Note that decision on organization choice can be changed. If your organization (and specific department and location) are on our participating organization list, you need only list the organization, division, and location. If you wish to select an organization that is not on the list, please do the appropriate research to find the person who should be contacted. Typically, this should not be the HR department, but rather the specific individual you would expect to work under.
Section 7: Agreement and E-signature
Please note that incomplete or late applications will NOT be considered. For technical questions regarding this application please contact the IPSS coordinator at ipss@miis.edu. For career planing questions, please contact your career advisor. For program policy questions or concerns, please contact GSIPM Director of Immersive Professional Learning, Carolyn Taylor Meyer at cmtaylor@miis.edu. By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. By submitting this application, I understand that it is for consideration for admission to IPSS. By entering my name and date below, I confirm that I understand and agree to the Middlebury Institute’s Student Code of Conduct: