Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Student Council and/or Club Event Request

Use this form to request all student club and/or council events, activities, meetings or official gatherings, regardless of event location.

*NOTE: As of March 17, in-person club events are no longer permitted due to shelter-in-place orders from the City of Monterey and elsewhere around the country. Instead, please use this form to inform us of online/virtual events.*

This form also allows you to add your activity, meeting or event to the Institute's public events calendar, pending approval of the event.

Room reservations requested through this form should be submitted at least two weeks in advance. 

Do not publicize, sign contracts, make airline/hotel reservations, or other commitments until your event date has been approved and, if applicable, a space has been assigned. 

All fields with the red asterisk are required. The form will not submit unless those fields are completed. 

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Include relevant details about the event's purpose, agenda/plan, etc.
i.e. you anticipate that this event could have: crowd control issues, need for security presence, sensitive or controversial content or discussions that could result in audience or presenter safety concerns, etc.